After 3 full days of troubleshooting countless locations &  trying to run ahead of Hunters to fix landmarks, we are proud to announce that we feel we’re in good enough shape to officially ‘unpause’ the Hunt! Woot woot! 7000 Page hits in just 3 days and over 600 eager Hunters joining the group, all we have to say is tell your friends, this one is definitely worth all the goodies. Special thanks to Kylya Kohime (KK’s Designs), Pamber Lorefield (Hunter) & Dudda Susa (Hunter) for reporting back broken locations and assisting with hints. Thanks guys!!

The reason we had such problems was we have a huge score of international designers involved, and not everyone logs in as frequently as some of us SL addicts. Also there was no official ‘dry run’ of the hunt, so next time we’ll know what to do. Look for blog post on some interesting hunt locations not to miss tomorrow, and also some special styling tips from Ivy Maverick’s team using only items in the hunt to create a complete look. The Hunt will also be featured in the October Issue of AFFINITY Magazine thanks to Tataslicious Jewell!

Additionally you might want to keep your eyes peeled for group posts regarding spontaneous parties at participating locations like Candeebee Bade threw at P!NK !NC last night. Stay tuned!